It started
with an idea!

Welga came into being with the birth of an idea - to convert surplus agricultural produce into processed food products. This idea has now evolved into a brand which is now one of the country’s premier frozen food companies.

A Fresh
take on

Well, why

We have a fresh take on frozen and want to tell you all about it! Frozen is actually fresher than fresh. Don’t believe us? Read on.

No extra additives or preservatives are added.

Fresh produce is flash-frozen immediately upon harvesting, preserving their vitamins and minerals.

You buy what you use and you use what you need.

Allows highest nutrient density to be achieved.

Frozen vegetables taste better than dried or canned ones

The IQF Frozen Vegetable Production line was imported from Germany, with production commencing in 1986, making ours the first IQF Plant in the country.

We built the plant in the agriculturally rich district of Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, located close to the Tarai belt. The region produces a plethora of fresh produce.

& Storage

4000 mega tonnes annually

3600 mega tonnes

25 mega tonnes per city

Welga does more

In early 2016, we joined hands with various kitchens who supplied prepared meals to various offices in Delhi-NCR. We continue to do so and hope to be a part of many more meals.

We’ve chilled
with them!
Ranch Cuisine Concepts Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram (All Major Schools & Hero Honda Plant)
ISCON Relief Foundation, Gurugram, Palwal & Faridabad
Seven Seas Hospitality, & Hotels, Delhi
All Heavens, Delhi
Tulip Hospitality, Gurugram
Khansamas, Gurugram
Khusboo Foods, Gurugram
Yes Sir Hospitality, Gurugram

we are

We’ve staked ground in Budaun, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, jaipur, Gurugram and Mumbai.